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Body Treatments

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BODY GLOW - Using Dead Sea Salts and a combination of dried herbs and essential oils, your treatment is delivered with a full body massage, hot towel steam and pure aloe gel. The application of salts will deeply cleanse, exfoliate and stimulate blood and lymph circulation aiding in the elimination of toxins. Your skin will feel renewed, hydrated and silky smooth. Choose from three specialized blends of herbs and essential oils.


Sisal mitts are used to remove dead skin and stimulate circulation prior to salt application.


Warm clay application.

FOOT RESCUE - This experience begins with steamed towels cocooned around your feet. An application of warm clay is then applied and your feet are wrapped in cozy heated booties. While the clay draws toxins from tired feet, your neck and shoulders receive a relaxing massage. The treatment is completed with an invigorating reflexology styled foot rub. A soleful experience!

REFLEXOLOGY - The feet are said to be mirrors of the body. Reflexology is a system of massaging the feet with the intention of affecting other parts of the body. Sensitivity or tenderness in the feet indicates imbalances in the corresponding organs and tissues. By working with each point on the foot, beneficial results can be achieved in the corresponding body part. Performed as a stand alone treatment or incorporated into a full body massage, reflexology is more than just a good foot rub!


Heated booties placed on feet prior to reflexology treatment.